At Home is a ministry that supports and cares for the homeless.

In Tokyo, most homeless people gather in parks. Many of them already know much about Christianity and the Bible since, many churches share the message of salvation contained in the Bible, while serving hot meals to the homeless. However, it would be great not to know only about the Bible and Christianity just as knowledge or some story, but that they come to know and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!!! TBC is open for all the homeless in Tokyo, to share the gospel, not only in material needs but also to attend to their spiritual and emotional needs.

At Home Ministry Activities

1. The chief attraction is a BBQ party that is held at TBC parking lot several times a year. And the main activities at this party include praise songs by the TBC Praise Team, and sharing the Gospel. Everyone is invited!

2. The second attraction is the 4th Sunday Dinner held every month at Lange Hall, after the worship service. The activities include games, music, and some members sharing their experiences of salvation. Everyone is invited!

3. The third and weekly attraction is the Bible study held at Lange Hall, from 3:30 pm, every other Wednesday. After the Bible study, it’s prayer time, where prayer requests are made and done individually and collectively praying for one another.

Bible study is closed at the end of the Year and New Year, and also during public holidays. Furthermore, there is a tacit understanding that the Bible study is automatically closed during typhoons and any other unforeseen detrimental weather conditions Therefore, please bear in mind that it may be closed during those times of unforeseen disasters or anything beyond human control.

4. Anyone who receives Jesus Christ is baptized and after completing TBC’s Class 101, is officially included as a TBC member.

Mr. Numazu’s Testimony

At Home Dinner

Wednesday Bible Class