Our Purpose

  • To help everyone already coming to the church to better understand and use English
    Advanced English classes can help students better understand the sermon messages and small group material.
  • To help and minister to the people in Tokyo by teaching English
    We host classes and events where everyone is welcome: Christians and non-Christian, friends and strangers, parents and siblings, young, elderly, homeless, etc.

Class Schedule

Location: Tokyo Baptist Church, 3rd Floor
Basic English Classes: Sundays 1:00 to 2:50 PM
Advanced English Classes: Sundays 3:00 to 4:50 PM

Prior registration is not required.
ESL classes do not meet in April, August, or December.

Basic English Classes

We create classes to help with basic English conversation, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The classes are designed to have fun while learning. There is no standard text book.

Advanced English Classes

The Advanced classes focus on conversation, higher level grammar, and building vocabulary. There is no standard text book. Advanced students often read stories from the Bible to learn important words and expressions used within the church. We use original stories and dialogues. We also use translations of the Bible that are easier to read and understand for non-native English speakers:

We ask everyone to do homework. Everyone needs to study and practice outside of the classroom.

* All classes are free.
* Classes are created for adults. A child under 14 may attend only with the child’s parent or guardian, or by special permission from the ministry leader.
* The ESL Ministry does not offer private English lessons.


The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. If you want to help in the ministry, please let us know.  We need:

  • Graphic artists — to help with lesson artwork, web graphical design, etc.
  • Web developers
  • Teaching assistants — in-class support and practice with students
  • Writers — to create original conversation and grammar lessons

ESL Ministry Events

The ESL ministry schedules events throughout the year to enjoy fellowship together and give students fun opportunities to practice English.