How people change

Author: Timothy S. Lane and Paul David Tripp (Greensboro, NC: New Growth Press, 2006)

This book shows how people’s life can change following the obedience to Word of God. This is a theological book not a psychological one. However, this book is practical showing us how true repentance and trust in God can give meaningful changes to our lives. This is the same repentance and trust in God that churches have been proclaiming for centuries. This book is also important to introduce the core value of Biblical Counseling being emphasized by TBC.

At Home Ministry: The Spiritual Journey of Homeless People in Tokyo

Author: Akira Watanabe. Translation by River Furuta and Marylou Bost (Tokyo: Yobel, Inc., 2017)

TBC started a homeless ministry called At Home Ministry in 2006. At Home Ministry invites the homeless into church and the church members and the homeless guests eat together at the same table. At Home Ministry is now one of the biggest ministries in TBC. There are many testimonies from At Home members in this book. I am thankful to be able to share with you in English the spiritual journey of homeless people in Tokyo.

Dynamism of Tokyo Baptist Church 3: Why Depression Can Be Overcome without Psychiatrists and Medicines.

Author: Akira Watanabe, Publisher: YOBEL Inc. 2015, Price: 1000yen + tax

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in Japan there are over 1,000,000 people struggling with depression. Many of them have gone to clinics where they were prescribed antidepressant medication, and have been suffering the adverse reactions for many years now. Even at Tokyo Baptist Church, there are those who are dealing with depression and come seeking help. The story of how they meet Christ and how they recovered from depression is told in five real-life biographies. This is a valuable empirical study on how the Biblical lifestyle (one that follows the teachings of the Bible) can lead to overcoming depression. (Available in Japanese only)

Dynamism of Tokyo Baptist Church: Spiritual Testimonies from a Growing Church in Tokyo, Japan.

Author: Akira Watanabe. Translation by River Furuta and Marylou Bost Publisher: YOBEL Inc. 2014, Price: 1000yen

Now this book is available at TBC Resource Center and website book stores such as In this book there are many spiritual testimonies from TBC members. If you want to introduce TBC to your friends, encourage them to read this book.

Dynamism of Tokyo Baptist Church: Why the Only International Mega Church in Japan Continues to Grow.

Author: Akira Watanabe, Publisher: YOBEL Inc. 2010, Price: 1000yen + tax

What kind of church is Tokyo Baptist and who are the ones coming? This book will tell you why many find this church attractive. Recommended to those who are interested in learning about the Church and how Jesus Christ can change your life. You should find the answer to what you are looking for.

Dynamism of Tokyo Baptist Church 2: Why do the Homeless in Shibuya become Christians.

Author: Akira Watanabe, Publisher: YOBEL Inc. 2012, Price: 1000yen + tax

A documentary on how God uses the At Home Ministry (Homeless Ministry) of Tokyo Baptist Church. Tokyo Baptist Church, a multi-site church, currently has a campus in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, and continues to support victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster. This documentary also explains how the At Home Ministry was involved with these activities in the beginning. (The English translation of this book is currently under consideration)

Why Religion Continues to Exist: Post Modern and Sociology of Religion.

Author: Akira Watanabe, Publisher: Christ Shinbun Co. Ltd. 2013, Price: 2200yen + tax

An introduction to Sociology of Religion written by Akira Watanabe, Ministry Pastor of Tokyo Baptist Church, for his students at Aoyama Gakuin University. It explains the basic theory of sociology of religion in words easy to understand. A beginner’s guide that offers an explanation of cults and religious wars, religion and science. (Available in Japanese only)


Author: Dub Jackson (Nashville: Broadman&Holman Publishers, 2003, US$12.99)

“God told us to go; He did not tell us to come back!” Dub Jackson, a young pastor came to Japan with a one-way ticket soon after WWII, a war that Japan had lost. Tokyo Baptist Church was born from this man’s passionate outreach to share the gospel with the Japanese. This book talks about interesting stories including the fact that Douglas MacArthur and the Governor of Tokyo coming to celebrate the establishment of the church. Provides valuable records on post war Christian evangelism in Japan. (Available in English only)