Filipinos Seek for Intimacy with Christ

15th September, 2013 – Going down to the basement around 3:30pm, music could be heard from the Lange Hall. The Filipinos were worshiping in Tagalog. “kaw lamang, Hesus ang kailangan. Ikaw lamang sa’yo’ y mananahan.” (You alone is all I need, Jesus. In you alone I dwell.)

The atmosphere was warm and friendly, and people were relaxed and casual. A few parents have brought young kids. During Filipino Fellowship, translations were not used, but English and Tagalog were mixed as people smoothly interchange from one language to another.

After some announcement there was a time for group activities. People divided into 4 groups and discussed how to have an intimate relationship with Christ: Read the Bible, pray, spend time with him, not only during devotions, but in every moment of the day. Act like Christ, live like Christ. The session closed in prayer together.

Pastor Dale then gave a talk about having an intimate relationship with Jesus. For an intimate relationship we need to earnestly seek Him. He read aloud a passage from Psalms 63. ‘The 5th verse’ he said, ‘is written especially for Filipinos: “I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods”…Amen.’ Pastor Dale smacked his lips, and digressed about how much he enjoys Filipino food. The audience called out some names of dishes and Pastor Dale confirmed that he liked them all. Anyway, he explained that once we understand how much satisfaction a relationship with Jesus gives, we will start putting him first over all other priorities. Having an intimate relationship with Jesus takes a lot of time…spent with Him. It’s not always easy, but we need to open up and be trusting in Jesus.

A duet was given to an enthusiastic audience. Applause and cheers weren’t reserved for the end, but erupted during the song. The official event ended at 5:00, but afterwards there was more time for fellowship and food. Cooked rice was passed out, and people helped themselves to sweets, including cakes, cookies, waffles and homemade brownies. The atmosphere was lively and full of the sound of people talking and laughing. When asked if group photos could be taken for the website article, everyone clambered to get in. The fellowship was like a big party.

The afternoon was a warm and hearty atmosphere. If this is the way the Filipinos interact with each other, then their expectations for an intimate relationship with Jesus must be very high indeed. (YW)

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