Each week at TBC over 1,300 people come together to worship God across five different services spread across the weekend and we believe it is important for people to personally get connected among others in small groups. The Meet and Connect ministry seeks to give first time guests and those who have not been attending for very long opportunities to build deep relationships with other members as well as help them become involved in church life through joining a small group as well as introducing ministry opportunities.

While most of us attend the service on Sunday regularly, there are some who feel that they don’t know many other members at TBC or don’t feel that they have integrated into the church family yet. In order to help build up the Body of Christ the Meet and Connect ministry holds a teatime fellowship event from 3:30pm, which is right after 1:30 service on the second Sunday of every month. During the event, you can talk to our pastors and members over delicious cakes. You can always find latest information of date and place of the next event in the Church bulletin or on the Facebook page by searching “TBC Meet and Connect” as we may meet at different location or at different time. And as a way of saying thank you for coming to TBC, we are pleased to announce that first time guests will be able to enjoy refreshments for free! We cannot wait to meet you at next Meet and Connect.

Date: Every Second Sunday

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