Voice of Detainees

Around 350 foreigners are currently being detained at Higashi Nihon Immigration Centre in Ushiku, Ibaraki (as of August in 2018).

Many of them have applied for provisional release but they wait over 2 months while officials decide on their immigration status. If they are not allowed to get permission of provisional release, they immediately apply for provisional release again although they don’t know the reasons of dismissal in most cases. The detention center declines their application again and again.  So, the detainees have no idea how long they need to stay until getting permission to be released. That causes them to become sick under such a stressful situation. Some of them have been detained for over 5 years.

When we asked them about their prayer request, many of them asked to pray to get permission of provisional release soon, to heal their bodies from sickness or to see a doctor in hospital, and protection of their families.

Not many people do know the current situation of detention centers. Here detainees want to share their voices and stories with you.


Ismael Matsuzaki