Worship Style

At TBC, our worship includes vibrant music, intensive prayer, and a message of inspiration from the pastor. The music is usually very lively, though at times it can be more reflective. We like to sing new and up-to-date Christian music with a band including drums, guitars, keyboards, and sometimes orchestral instruments. When the occasion calls for it, we also use traditional hymns, although these are usually updated in musical styling. A praise team leads the congregation in singing comfortably, joyfully, and thoughtfully.

Please feel free to attend services in your casual attire. Our pastoral staff does the same! We want the atmosphere to be friendly, and informal.

The message is given in English, but there are Japanese subtitles on the screen and a printed translation for you to follow. The message is an extremely important part of our worship and helps us to lead more productive Christian lives.

Even if you are not a Christian, you are welcome to attend our worship. We would love to tell you and show you what we are all about, and we hope you will enjoy the message, the music, and the friendliness of our members.