About Awana at TBC

Awana provides a highly-organised, childrens ministry, following the structure, discipline and materials of Awana clubs internationally, and participating in Awana-specific events with other Awana clubs within Japan.

Awana produces a weekly 2-hour evening program for children aged 3 to 12 enabling children to memorise verses from the Bible, participate in games and be rewarded for their effort and attentiveness.

Awana divides children into age-groups, each working through a cycle of games (the games are Awana-specific), study-book time (memorising and reciting Bible verses and themes), and an interactive session run by an adult leader (story, drama, lesson, Question & Answer, Bible Quiz …with rewards). The entire group meets together at the start and finish of the evening.

In TBC, Awana is run in English, with real-time translation to Japanese throughout. The written materials of Awana are available in either Japanese or English, and are an excellent way to strengthen bilingual listening and speaking skills.

How it works each week.

Every Friday night, Awana requires that children arrive and register within 15 minutes of the Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony begins at 7pm.

Children register their attendance, pay 100 yen dues, and are assigned their team colour. New children are registered at this time. The emergency contact phone number of parents is checked.

Children are separated into their age groups, and attend either games, story time or handbook time, during which their evangelism, effort, achievements and behavior are noted.

Awana children quickly learn to follow a leaders instruction, and learn to listen well. They are rewarded with a beautiful and lasting uniform vest, with colourful badges and patches to show what they have achieved, how they have played, and even their effort in evangelism.

At the conclusion of the night, we all meet together and children receive their academic awards, make presentations, and the overall winning team for the night receives individual awards. We close with prayer.

Joining Awana

New children can join Awana at any time during the Awana year (roughly the same as the Japanese school year). Please come to TBC on Fridays around 6:45pm.

Leading Awana.

The Lord never sleeps, and is always calling His workers to action. If you feel that the Lord is pressing your heart towards helping in Awana, please contact Pastors Dale Johnson.dale at