Request of Donation

Detention centers in Japan have strict restrictions about donation to detainees. Especially, they are not allowed to receive many kinds of food because of the rules.

If you would like to send a donation to TBC by mail towards the Detention Ministry , please make sure to write to “Detention Ministry.”

The address is below;

Tokyo Baptist Church/ Detention Ministry

Hachiyamacho 9-2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #150-0035


About Food

First of all, food should be maintained normal temperature, unopened, sealed, and before the best before date if you would like to donate. However, one in glass or metal can isn’t acceptable. One with desiccant is not either.  Microwave food is not possible to bring in, too. It would not always be allowed even if it met these requirements above.

Sweets and Snacks

Only shop in detention center sells sweets and snacks to detainees so it’s not allowed to bring them from outside at all.

Supplement: Medicine is not allowed.

Pre-packaged food:  not allowed if it doesn’t have Japanese instructions.

Powdered drink mix: Ice coffee potion type is also okay.

Powdered coffee: Coffee in glass is not allowed.

Tea leaves: only dry

Instant soup: Only powdered. Cup filled with thick film is fine.

Furikake, Seasoning for rice: almost all acceptable.

Powdered seasoning: sugar, salt. Kinako: a roasted soy bean, Kanten; a planted based gelatine, jelly, Purin; Japanese custard pudding etc. (powder putting water in and melting and stirring)

Liquid Seasoning: Soy sauce, sauce and mayonnaise without alcohol etc.

Cup instant noodle: almost all are acceptable.

Instant noodle with package: Instruction of cooking like putting it on a pan with hot water only in Japanese on package would be okay.



Underwear, half-pants, T-shirts, socks must be new. String with trouser will be pulled out before detainee will receive it.


Daily Use Items

Toothpaste, toothbrush: brand-new

Soap, shampoo and body wash: brand-new

Sanitary goods: brand-new

Reading glasses: Ones with frames made of metal are not acceptable.

Towel: not allowed because one detainee tried to commit suicide with it.

CD player: many of them want it.

CD of worship songs and messages of Sunday service etc


We would appreciate to receive Bibles as much as we could! Used ones are also fine! English Bible with commentary like Study Bible would be great! Some of detainees prefer to get Large Print Bible.

We need more non-English and non-Japanese bible like Tagalog, Korean, Chinese, French, Sinhalese, Tamil, Persian, Hindu, Vietnamese, Burmese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. Please let us know if you could know how to get them at a lower price.